Technology Available at MLK

At MLK we strongly believe in the use of technology to...
  • improve instructional practices in the classroom;
  • provide students with more opportunities for engaged learning;
  • hold students accountable for their learning;
  • create new avenues for parental and community involvement ;
The following technology is available to our students:
  • Three computer labs with 30 desktop computers in each lab, a Smart Interactive Whiteboard, mounted projector. 


Each classroom contains...
  • at least 2 desktop computers in all classes for student use;
  • a document camera- This allows a teacher or student write on a sheet of paper or to display a two or three-dimensional object.  
  • A projector to display computer or document camera images. 


  • a SMART interactive whiteboard- A large, interactive display board which connects to a computer and projector.  Users can then control the computer through the use of "magic" pens and/or their fingers. 

Some classrooms contain... 

  • Chromebooks for students to access online Google Apps for Education and other online resources. 
  • Classroom Response Systems (commonly referred to as Clickers)- A "remote control" that each student receives and uses to answer questions.  The responses are instantly displayed for immediate feedback. 


  • Interwrite Pads- Bluetooth enabled wireless pads which allow students and teachers access to the interactive whiteboard from anywhere in the classroom. 

All classes access to...have  

  • 1 Chromebook Cart to check out and bring to classrooms. 
  • Access to all Google Apps for Education