Thank you so much for coming to our Meet the Teacher days! We were able to pass out Chromebooks to most of our students and welcome them back for the 2020-2021 school year! If you still need a Chromebook, please contact your child's teacher. For information about Chromebooks, technology, and tech help,please visit   RRPS@Home: Parent Tech Support & Online Learning Resources


Can we use our own personal computers instead of receiving a RRPS Chromebook?  -All RRPS students will be issued an RRPS Chromebook. -If every student is using the same equipment, it is easier for the teacher to help troubleshoot and support students from home -We have all the necessary programs and settings set up on the Chromebook for your student including any software for standardized tests, etc. -Your student will be using the SAME Chromebook all year regardless of 'in-school instruction" "hybrid" vs. "100% online" instruction. No sharing of equipment -If we return to our "brick and mortar" building, your student will use the Chromebook at home and at school.  They will not have to bring a personal laptop to a school setting and worry about theft, damage, etc. -Our Technology department is able to troubleshoot, replace, and repair all RRPS equipment -There will not be technical support for personal computers -The RRPS Chromebooks have a filter in place to protect your child  -The teacher has software to monitor activity, share their screens and interact with every student. -After reading and discussing the above reasoning, we would still like to opt out of accepting a RRPS Chromebook for our student(s)- Click here to fill out form

Do we need to sign up to receive a Chromebook? -No,  every RRPS student will receive a Chromebook. (regardless of your choice of hybrid, 100% virtual, etc.) 

What is the average cost to replace or repair the Chromebook? -Chromebook replacement cost= Anywhere between $60.00-$200.00 depending on the model and year of the Chromebook Power Cord replacement= $20.00 Broken screen=$30.00 All other warranty items= FREE

What if we do not have internet service in our home? -If a family needs assistance with internet connectivity, please complete the application. -Internet Connectivity Application-click here

When will Sparklight be connected at our home if we qualify for help?  -Sparklight will be contacting you this week and next.  Check your phone messages.   -The service will turned on by the first day of school for those of you who applied early:  August 7, 2020 -All other requests are on a first come/first serve basis and they are working hard to get everyone connected that needs our support during this time.

What happens when we return to school in September for the Hybrid model? -Your child will bring his/her assigned Chromebook to school on their assigned days.  -Pre K-3 may leave them at school starting September 8th (please bring Chromebook & power cord back to school)  -Grades 4-12 can take home and bring back every day for Hybrid learning -Please make sure they are fully charged and ready to be used during the day.   -Chromebook batteries can last up to 10 hours

What will families receive in terms of internet service if we qualify?  -Most RRPS families who need help will receive Sparklight service.  -If you do not live in the Rio Rancho area or do not live in a "Sparklight" serviceable area, you will receive a T-mobile hot spot.

**If you are leaving RRPS or decide to leave at any time, please return your equipment to your school.  Please check your school's web page or email your school for dates/times you can return the equipment. 

Sparklight Questions Answered:  -Sparklight kits and modems can be returned to their office at 7501 Nita Pl., NE – just off of Enchanted Hills Blvd.  -If you would like to keep your Sparklight service, please call 505-219-2033.  They have several options for you to continue with a low cost service.

For additional information on WiFi options, click here!!